Saturday, December 29, 2012

I love New York!

The last release of the year will be some I love New York blind boxes!

 I got a few Tuttz Mini's in the mix and maybe a Pharaoh Hound or two and a Sucio mouse to close the year out with. When will these pop into the online STORE? All the way till New Years - I know I know, here we go again with these crazy holiday hunts, but come's not boring and it loads of fun right? At least you get to see what's in most of the blind boxes below this time...clear tint Ginger Breads, clear tint Halloweese, clear tint Mono and a clear tint Gato Caliente!!!

Thank you all for the supportive emails about the Holiday Hunts, that really means a lot and says everybody's having a blast. I have never been one for the "normal" or "ordinary" so if you want that - you won't find it here. My mission statement for Argonaut Resins has been and will always be - "Unorthodox and Unexpected" because that's the way I want it. Thanks for rolling with something a little different, and go get your I love New York Hunt on - because it starts RIGHT NOW!!!