Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Progress...

I'm working on the Pharaoh Hounds Series 3 release and I added in a few special guests and surprises! There will be some matching regular 6.5 inch regular Tuttz never before painted up in the Court Jester custom colorway in this release. Some of the Hounds will also be rendered up as well in the Court Jester custom colorway and I will post up the fully completed set of 15 total resin pieces real soon. Rumor has there may be a GOLDEN TICKET in one of the boxes...hmmm, I wonder what you'll get if you land that bad boy this time around. Thanks for being patient!!!

So you know - these new Hounds and Tuttz will match your Court Jester Tuttz Mini's if you were able to snag one...AND YES, that is a clear tint purple Pharaoh Hound Court Jester custom chase figure hiding in the background.