Monday, April 16, 2012

MOCCA Hunt begins....NOW....

That's right...I got a lot of emails about how people loved to hunt down the wild Tuttz Mini's. I figured with the MOCCA Festival coming up (April 28th and 29th in NYC) I'd whip up another series of Mini's with a edition size of 30. I will release some Tuttz Mini's at random - ANY DAY ANY NIGHT (starting tonight!!!) and if you're lucky and fast enough, well you know the rest of the story. I will also have a few crossover pieces with The Jelly Empire (on Selina's table at MOCCA Festival where we will debut the all new Jellybot 2.0) and I will be carrying a few Tuttz Mini blind boxes on my person as well.

Did I mention the Dynamic Duo customs will be making a appearance at MOCCA Fest? Missed out at the NYC con last year? Here's your chance to score a set because Selina Briggs made 3 more of them.

The all new real cat Siamese color way will start off the MOCCA Hunt...that's the only hint you get. Happy hunting!!!