Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will you be my Valentine...?

Starting tomorrow I will be dropping some all new Tuttz Mini colorways in the ONLINE STORE at any given time all the way up to Valentine's Day! I guess you can get an idea of what some of the colors will be like by the packaging below. Who knows what will show up and you know me - there will be the occasional surprise or two (or three!) Happy hunting and good luck!

The 8 inch Tuttz Custom artist list for SERIES 1 is as follows (and are in no special order) and I will be updating it in the next few posts with more names and instructions on how we get this thing started. Please follow ALL instructions.
1 - Robbie Busch - Going LIVE soon! - 5 pieces
2 - Emily Bee - (shipping out next) - ? pieces
3 - J*RYU - (prep stage) - ? pieces
4 - Reactor88
5 - Rsinart
6 - MeSmithyman
7 - MotorBot
8 - Mariangela Tan
9 - Lou Pimentel
10 - Clinton Yaws
11 -
12 -
Instructions: Email me your mailing addy's and email addresses to argonautresins(at) (sorry to ask for this again - DM's in Twitter apparently don't work as well as I thought, my bad). Will be updated later.