Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dynamic Duo!

Okay! Here we go...It's time to start posting about what I will have at the New York Comic Con Oct. 13- 16th at the Big Kev GeekStuff booth # E7. I will be there Saturday and Sunday from 2 - 5PM sharing the table with The Jelly Empire. Unfortunately Selina Briggs won't be in attendance due to some unforeseen circumstances but we are working on a way to video conference her in and we will have Pete Michaud stand in for her at the booth. So...what have I got for you? How about the chases for the Tuttz and Jellybot crossover sets!!! Selina and I are doing 12 sets and what you see below are the 3 Dynamic Duo chase figure sets painted by Selina exclusively for the con. The other nine sets will be mostly clear tints with another chase suprise I will reveal later. The regular sets will go for $40 each and the uber custom chases will go for $50 per set.

Stay tuned because I have a lot more updates for the NYC con on the way. Notice the Argo banner up top? What's that all about??? Watch that too for even more goodies...