Friday, May 13, 2011

Tuttz Mini's Series 3.....

For the Tuttz Mini's Series 3 there will be no big press releases or a group release planned for this next round of cat figurines. Starting next week I will be posting the new wave of little Tuttz cats in the online store at random - they will not be blind boxed and will drop one at a time at various days and hours AND there will be some surprises mixed in. Watch the banner up top on this page to find out when the online store has opened with a goodie or two in it - Happy Hunting and good luck! Series 3 will have 25 Tuttz Mini's total (watch for the GOLDEN TICKETS too!!!)

On another note - Selina Briggs' Jelly Bots will return with a all new wave from The Jelly Empire and that will have some nice surprises too. We like to keep things very exciting and fun around here so stay tuned!

Jelly jumps rope! Double ghostly dutch anyone???