Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tenacious Toys Tuttz Exclusives fully revealed!

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Silver Tuttz Wave 1 will come with two chases along with their four metallic silver counterparts - the darker silver "Robo Tuttz" with piercing red eyes and a Ultramarine clear tint to match their logo. This wave will be sold "blind boxed" for $55 plus shipping in Tenacious Toys online store. Release date will be announced soon.

Here's a quick link list of all the Tuttz resins released so far:

PlasticAndPlush Exclusive Jade Tuttz

SpankyStokes Exclusive Ash Tuttz

Cookies-N-Cream Exclusive Gold Tuttz

BubbleGum Tuttz Wave 1

Dragatomi Not Vinyl Show Orange Tint Tuttz

ToysRevil Red Exclusive Red Tuttz (coming soon - but we have a teaser link)

Emily Bee custom Tuttz series (3 figures in the works, one released - VENI)