Tuesday, January 12, 2010

O_Negative's custom DESTROYER's for charity revealed!!!

I set out to design a character I had been thinking about for a while. I had the opportunity to bring it to life through Eric Nocella Diaz and Argonaut Resins. With Eric's help The DESTROYER was tweaked and born! As an artist I'm still growing and I knew that I wouldn't have the talent needed to paint up to 30 pieces by myself. I have been fortunate to meet and know many artists, some professional some just really good. I reached out to them and asked if they would help with the DESTROYER project with the understanding that I was going to donate a good portion through a program I had watched on TV called Operation Smile (http://www.operationsmile.org/). The participants all said they would forgo being paid because of that. I want to thank all of the artists for helping me to see my project to fruition. I also want to thank my good friends at Action Figure Times for getting the word out on the project. Most of all I want to thank Eric Nocella Diaz and all these amazing artists for giving me this chance to see my idea come to reality.
All of these customs are one of a kind and are much cooler in person than the pictures show. I hope we sell them all so that I can provide smiles to some children who wouldn't have the chance.

Andy Heng - ToysRevil

John Spanky Stokes
Brian Slivka - PlasticandPlush
Chauskoskis - Walter Jacott
Emily Beaulieu
Ed Wires
Kat Sapene
David Ralabate
Dan Brodzik
Valerie Gudell
Steve Ceragioli
Rich Dufresne
Jessica Trussel