Thursday, September 17, 2009

The DESTROYER - DIY customizer list so far...

Here's the list as of today (not finished yet) for the artists/painters/customizers invited by O_Negative to join him to work on his DIY all white blank DESTROYER resins:
1) Kat Sapene (professional)
2) Damein Glonek (Mezco)
3) Steve Ceragioli
4) David Ra
5) Toygodd (AFTimes)
6) Richard Dufresne
7) Valerie Gudell
8) O_Negative (yeah - he snuck his own name in there, LOL)
9) Andy Heng (ToysREvil)
10) John Spanky Stokes
11) Wolfgang Ohlig (Patch Together) - yes, you read that right...
12) Eddie Wires (professional)
13) this you?
14) TBD...or is this you?
15) TBD...or maybe this one is you?

I haven't made MY list yet...and it looks like I have permission to extend the line from the original 25 castings to - ??? I'll let you know very soon. This is so much more fun than one single boring colorway...We don't do "normal" here, sorry.