Sunday, December 21, 2008

How it all started...

I did a 2008 wrap up interview with Andy Heng on his ToysRevil blog ( talking about where Argonaut Resins came from and what it's all about. You can read the full interview here:
Thank you Andy!

Jared and I decided to release the final 6 Vladimir toys at the big NYC comic con in February of next year. We still haven't locked in all of the colorways for this line up but I'll post a little sneak peek here so you can get an idea of where we may be headed with this last batch. Of course all of the Vlad's will be totally different like all previous sets and we'll have all the final images posted before the big con. Jared will be rolling with Kano ( at the NYC con so you know it's going to be exciting...not to mention the surprises we'll have planned.