Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My New York Comic Con goodies...**UPDATED!

Keep an eye on this blog post because I will be updating it all week long with most of the projects that get completed in time for me to bring to the New York Comic Con Oct. 11th -14th at the Jacob Javits Center. Argonaut Resins will be sharing a space with Xmoor Studios - Booth # 2479 and I will be doing a signing at the Big Kev's GeekStuff booth # 3261 on Sat. and Sun. (Oct. 13 and 14) from 2 - 4 PM only. I will have Tuttz Mini's, Pharaoh Hounds, stickers, t-shirts and posters and a few surprises (I hope)...Okay here we go! Stay tuned for lot's of posts...

And the updates keep coming! 
Another of the new items I will have up for sale on my table at the New York Comic con will be this 8 inch Tuttz custom by Clinton Yaws titled Cleopatra. It will go for $250 and will be available starting Friday - Oct. 12. Didn't see Clinton's other Tutankhamun 8 inch Tuttz? Check it out HERE!

I will also have 25 all new Kings Of Atlantis mini resin BLIND BOXED skulls with me available starting on Friday Oct. 12th. Just like the last two release there will be 3 glow in the dark (GID) chases hidden in the comic con set. These will go for $25 per will be numbered starting at #55 - #80 and the last 20 will be released at a later date. No limit per buyer.

Here's another batch of items for the NYC con which is actually like part two to the ToysRevil release that went down in Singapore at the STGCC con. The last TRE 8 inch Tuttz and TRE JellyBot 2.0 exclusives AND how about a few TRE Tuttz Mini's to match?! All of these guys except the TRE JelllyBot 2.0 (that will be with Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire on her table) will be available at my booth starting on Friday Oct. 12th. Andy is sending me a few goodies to go with these guys so hopefully I will have that in time for the con. One per buyer.

Adam Pratt sent over this epic 8 inch Tuttz custom from the Artist Series entitled "BEGINNINGS" that I will have on my table at the con. It will be available starting on Friday Oct.12 and will go for $300. This is rumored to be the tomb Tuttz was placed in when he was given the immortality elixir a long time ago. And yes it comes with a bag of sand too so the collector can create his/her own epic scene. The figures and mini scaffolding are all loose so they can be set up to your liking. I may even add a extra something something to this - see me at the con about that.
Thank you Adam!!!