Thursday, October 25, 2012

Releasing tonight!

These last 5 New York Comic Con Tuttz Mini's will be dropping in the online store tonight at 9PM Est. time in the online STORE. Only 36 Mini's have been released to date of the 100 piece run for Tuttz Mini's Series 8. I increased the edition size and have spread it out so more (and all new) collectors will get a chance grab a few. Included will be a Snow Cat, two Jurassic's (pink jade and blue tint), a all new Creamsicle 3.0 and a tangerine metallic Haloweese. Don't be late.

 I had a really good Comic Con in NYC this year and met some wonderful people amid the chaos of the four day run. I also want to extend big huge thanks to Matt And Kev from Big Kev's GeekStuff for hosting me at their booth on Sat and Sun for a few hours. Another big thanks goes out to ToysRevil, PlasticandPlush, SpankyStokes, Tenacious Toys, Plastikitty, TomoPop and Action Figure Times for swinging by both of the booths I was at and doing some great coverage on the Argo con goods. Make sure you go over to my side bar on the right of this blog and visit these awesome people (click those links folks) because they do exciting and extensive coverage on ALL the exciting events happening all over the world!