Friday, March 9, 2018

Tuttz Cat Fairies 2.0!

I'm falling behind in my blog posts now that there are so many social media outlets to show work and promote on. Online promotion is becoming another full time gig and even more new social spots are showing up. Yikes!
Anyway, just wanted to share some images of the all new three inch Tuttz cat 2.0 clear tint Fairies that are now available in the online STORE. I was trying to simulate a faux glass look with a little bit more clarity in the casts and not adding any paint or rendering in the first series of 25 pieces. The bulk of the release will be the blue cats and it will be speckled with a couple of other colors as chase figures. Some of the chases will be duplicated and if you contact me via email for a specific color before I close out the series I just may make it, maybe. The Tuttz brand has been around since it's launch in 2010 and there's plenty more styles planned for this year. So if you are new to the fold or a long time collector I will do my best to keep the cat as interesting as possible and keep that smile on your face every time you see Tuttz!

I have a few more colors planned so stay tuned!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Toy Fair 2018 Wrap Up!

I had a nice fun Toy Fair this year seeing tons of new toys in the main halls along with running into old industry artisans and making some new friends. I debuted a few new sculpts that will see production in the coming weeks and teased a little bit of The 6th Prince Tuttz cat project I've been working on for a while now. Below are a few images of my set up for my live traditional sculpture demo at The Creative Factor booth and some long time artist friends I got to catch up with from the show.

 If you look closely at the above image you can see another new Tuttz prototype of the Sphinx cat. It will be cast in 3 parts and will be releasing after the new bigger Fairy Tuttz cats.

 The all new baby Tuttz prototype in the wax stage. This figure was done early last year and I was waiting for the right time to reveal it. What better place than a Toy Fair reveal?

 The new baby Tuttz scale pic next to some of the older sold out resin figurine lines.

 That's me working on The Mother Goddess sculpt probably whistling a tune in my head as I mush the clay around during my live sculpture demo. I didn't get too far on the sculpt as the booth had a lot of visitors with tons of questions and being next to the busy escalators you see almost everybody.

Can you name these artist escapees from the Art Asylum??? Wow, how long ago was that?

This year I brought my sculpture tools for the live sculpt demo in a Xmen locker toy I sculpted the prototype for ToyBiz/Marvel a bunch of years ago. How cool is that?

A little teaser video for The 6th Prince Tuttz cat project. Hmmm...what's that shiny object floating in space? More on this soon.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Toy Fair 2018!

I have been invited back to Toy Fair in New York City this year to do a live sculpt demo by The Creative Factor Feb. 17 - 20th (Sat - Tues). I will be at the Creative Factor booth at the bottom of the escalator well in the C1 section at the Jacob Javits Center. You don't need a badge to stop by the area I'm in for the live sculpt demo so if you are in town come on by and sculpt with me.

I'll have a few new prototypes that will be on display along with a few of my older sculpts and resin collectible projects.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year and Custom Color Fairies!

Happy New Year!
Thanks for sticking around my little artsy creative neck of the woods as I go into year ten this coming October with Argonaut Resins. The journey has not been a easy one always trying to keep things fun and interesting as I try and carve my own road in this often crazy art world. If you are new here take a moment to look the the archives on the lower right hand side for a detailed history of what I have done over the last ten years and when I did it, you may be surprised, just saying. Thanks for stopping by and may you all have a beautiful and prosperous New Year!

More Fairies!!!
I'm working on and will be releasing a very limited run of the hand painted micro 2 inch Tuttz cat Fairies in a few new colors. First new colors will be in pinks and blue translucent paints. If you miss out when they are released in the online STORE you can contact me (argonautresins(at) and pre-order some for a limited time and amount.

 All you need is LOVE Fairy set.
 The new custom colors with the unpainted Spirit style Fairy.

The orange and white Tuttz cat Fairies have sold out.