Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What?! Even more goodies for the NYC con? Rich Page and O'Bots in the house...

Rich Page of UmeToys throws his hat in the NYC con ring for Argonaut Resins with some uber cool 8 inch Tuttz customs that will be with him at the Big Kev's GeekStuff booth # 3261starting at Friday Oct. 12 at 10AM. Keep your eyes on this last NYC con post as I have more UmeToys Tuttz crossovers and a super special guest star resin debut from Carbon-Fibre Media!!!

Also dropping at the NYC con will be Rich Page's Fat Cat with matching Tuttz Mini's! Only 3 of these are being made exclusive to the con.

We have a special guest at the Argo table this year - the all new O'Bot! A couple of versions will debuting with us at booth # 2479 starting with the Ghost in the O'Bot super wicked glow in the dark and regular editions! These resins are all articulated and swivel at the neck area.

 There will also be some of the regular solid color way O'Bots on hand and some of the micro versions as well. All O'Bots are produced by Carbon-Fibre Media & GoldMane Entertainment (Parent company of Argonaut Resins) and made by Kilroy's Attic.