Friday, May 16, 2014

What was in the Sparkly Party Cat blind boxes? ***UPDATE 3***

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
That's what's in the Series 4 Tuttz Mini Sparkly Party Cat blind boxes - new colorways too! First one opened up by a super happy collector was the ShangHai Party Cat. 

***Also hidden in the blindboxes was a all new Sparkly pink glow in the dark BubbleGum colorway that glows a bright Baby Blue!

 **Another surprise blind box was the Hong Kong Party Cat all new colorway!

* Another blind box was opened and had a all new glow in the dark (GID Aqua blue) Wild Sea Party Cat in it.

Watch this post as I will reveal all the other unseen blind boxes after the collectors open them all up. Some are already showing up on Twitter and Instagram. The series is winding down with about 10 more to go so keep and eye on the online STORE for some of the random drops and the grand finally! Yes, I will be doing another one of those crazy wild endings to this series as well.