Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Online Store Opens Tonight! (SOLDOUT!)

The Series 4 Tuttz Sparkly Party Cats Grand Finally will be tonight (Thurs) at 10 PM Est. time in the online store ->
The last Grand Finally for Series 3 was a 3fer so this one will be a 4fer and #50 of 50 (A, B, C,  and D) will be 4 separate metallic cast glitter cats with a render on them. The trip around the World parties are -
Green metallic = Ireland Party Cat  Gold metallic = Egypt Party Cat
Red Metallic = Shanghai Party Cat
  Blue Metallic = USA Party Cat

All will be sold separate. Sorry about the delay but I wanted to try and finish the series up with something a little bit different. THANK YOU all very much for chasing the cats. It's been crazy fun!!!