Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toy Street mother load!!!

Yeah I know - here we go again...He's late yet again! Well I've been very busy, super busy. I wanted to make more stuff for Toy Street but this batch of goodies will have to do. Okay let's see - we have some Tuttz Mini's Series 2 (Only 21 pieces since 4 advance pieces sold at MOCCA).

Then we have some collabo Toy Street Exclusives I'm doing with The Jelly Empire. This time we have 8 sets of matching cats and bots with some glow in the dark pieces and some Kings Of Atlantis Talisman skull Magnets added in 3 of the sets for FREE! There's even a GID WereWolf Jelly Bot in one of the sets. We went what?

Check out Selina Briggs customized Tuttz and JellyBot set. Going to be hard to let those go...maybe I'll hide that set under our table...hmmm...

How about a GID Frankenstein Jelly Bot too...yup we got that too....AND that's not all! We have more Zombie Bots too! Sounds like a bad commercial but it's all true...see for yourself -

How about a few other super cute Jelly Bots while we're at it? Okay -

Coupla Surfer JellyBots....just sayin....we got em...

Just ONE more thing before this blog post blows up - my little "something something" for the awesome Cookies-N-Cream crew. A teaser of my Toy Street SneakerHead custom - Ice Ice baby!

See you at Toy Street!!!