Friday, October 31, 2008

Vladimir goes on sale at 12 noon today!!!

We're all done!!!

Start checking the Argonaut Resins ( store noon Eastern time today to order your Vladimir resin toy. We have also revealed the last 3 variant colors (11 -13* heh - 13 is a little different from 11 and 12*) - surprise surprise!!!

Before we begin I just wanted to say a big thanks to Jared Deal for going all out with this project. When I told him about my new little company and what I wanted to do with it he got it big time and jumped right in, and by gosh - took off! He even transformed the original idea into what it is now...a darn cool representation of his 2D artwork and design. I had a few restrictions on how the design needed to be so we could keep this thing on good budget and he said - no big deal and that he could work with that no problem (what a guy)...and here we are today releasing this fun Halloween inspired happy bat toy...with that said I'll just add a "we'll be back!" Jared is like a art machine...already showing me some more fantastic toy ideas (does this guy sleep???)...heh...also keep an eye on the that little Argonaut links list on the right side here as we just added another artist who has decided to take the infamous boat ride in search of more Golden Fleece art projects....noon baby...the clock is ticking!

The master at work...