Friday, October 17, 2008

The Jared Deal Halloween project revealed!!!

Introducing Vladimir...
Jared Deal & Argonaut Resins bring you this very limited special Halloween release!!! Each Vladimir figure is hand cast & hand painted making each toy unique & special. Vladimir comes packed in his very own felt lined coffin display box which is also handmade, painted & numbered. The interior of each coffin will match it's accompanying Vlad figure. For example... if you pull a green figure your coffin will have green details, etc. To top it all off the figure will also come complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jared Deal (designer) and Eric Nocella (sculptor). Each certificate will come in a wax sealed envelope.
The edition size is 13. The first 10 will be made available at the Argonaut Resins web store... on Oct. 31st (Halloween) at 12 noon EST. Each figure stands 5 inches tall with the coffin measuring 5 1/2 inches.
You get all of this for $70 - plus shipping*. So forget the kids in costume, treat yourself this Halloween. Just be sure to grab yours before the Argonaut Resins store is sucked dry!

Text on back of box reads...
" It sure can be lonely living the life of a vampire. It's hard making friends when you have to sleep during the day... when your curfew is everyone elses wake-up call.
Vlad has been searching for the past 177 years for the perfect candidate to turn vamp... giving his own, very literal translation to the term BFF.
Wanna be his friend??? It only hurts for a second."