Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Some Adjustments And 6th Prince Book 2 News!

 Hey all!

I tweaked the The 6th Prince book one "Hello Letter" and made it smaller to get two per printout to keep my costs down. It's all the same info with a slightly adjusted background image and I actually like this smaller version better.

Way more snazzier than the earlier big clunkier version (pictured below) that went out with the first few books. I'm still new to doing everything by myself with this publishing endeavor so this will be a ongoing learning experience for sure.

The other half of my news is that The 6th Prince book two is done and headed to the copyright and print formatting part of production. I teased a few pages from it in the back of book one and below is the completed spine. There will be the same amount of pages (68 B&W) as in book one and I hope you are all enjoying the series so far. Thank you for all the orders and positive reviews!

Cats in cars??? What?!

Who are the Ferals? Stay tuned to find out. 

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