Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuttz Sphinx Prototype!

Whoops, I almost forgot to post these new images and keep the update going on the Tuttz Sphinx cat resin project. The cat was modeled by my cousin Francis Rivera in Zbrush and I 3dprinted it 3 parts off my desktop printer. Below are the images I put together in Photoshop to art direct the project as it was tweaked and retweaked a few times over. I still wanted to keep the unfinished squarish looking feet that was started off my original 6.5 inch original hand sculpted Tuttz that launched the entire brand. We also softened all the head edges (like the first original) and raised out the eyes and nose removing the carved in line work around those areas.

Here is the cleaned up 3dprinted Tuttz Sphinx in white resin at 50 microns. I'm very happy with how it turned out but the real test comes when the paint colors go on when i make the resin castings of it.

 Yes, it is actually bigger than the sold out 3.5 inch old Mini Tuttz cats. Who knows what other sizes may show up with this one so stay tuned.

The head and tail were printed as separated parts and plugged in and will also be cast separate as I have a few ideas to touch upon later as the project develops. The silicone mold work is all done and I should have some tooled and painted up castings soon. I already hinted at the what the first colorway might be depending on if I find the right paint to pull it off.