Monday, November 27, 2017

The DragonFly 2.0 Series Is Complete!

I finally finished up the DragonFly 2.0 release with the completion of the last Holiday bug and wanted to give a big huge thanks to those who picked up a few of the resins. It was a unusual small 25 edition release as I wanted to play around with different styles and not let the entire series out in one big drop. The new DragonFly 2.0 evolved a bit more form the first series style and I was curious to see how people would respond to the change with a extended release. I do have some other bug concepts ready to go and may tease those later on down the road, we'll see. Below are some of the last clear tint Chase style Dragonflies to be release to close out the entire series. Make sure to stop by the online STORE and look around as a there are still may be a few resins available.

Up next: Are you ready for some Fairies?