Friday, March 24, 2017

Tuttz 8 Inch YinYang Cats In Progress

It's been a minute since I got back to finishing up the 8 inch Tuttz Yin Yang cats that were released and sold a while back. I only completed 7 of the initial 10 pieces from the original series knowing new collectors and followers would ask about them and I didn't want to sell them all out right away. This way there will only still be 10 pieces created world wide no matter what. The first 7 Yin Yang cats in this size have sold out, I will be releasing #8 and #9 soon and the last one #10 of 10 will be headed to the New York Comic Con in October this year.
Below are a few work in progress shots of the next two Tuttz cats underway and they will each have a matching relief magnet just like the first 7 sold out pieces before them.