Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sold Out!

Thank you!
The first wave of Mariposa and Dragonfly resins that went on sale May 13th have sold out. Wave one was 12 pieces where I decided to mix in a few chase figures and some variants to make things interesting. There was even a blind boxed DragonFly figure included in this run. Sorry for the late post but this series has less figures than my usual runs with more parts so it's a bit more work and it has to be just right. Each figurine will be signed and numbered (on their bottoms) and come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a vinyl die-cut Mariposa Butterfly sticker. Please remember that all of the figurines can be taken apart (all wings and horns are removable) and are made in a brittle resin that should be handled very carefully and has small parts.
***NOTE -This product is not for children and made for ages 18 and up!!!***
Thank you all for supporting my works!
Wave 2 is complete and right around the corner for those of you who may have missed out on the first run. There will be some new colors added and a few repeat styles from wave one.