Friday, February 13, 2015

Toy Fair 2015 - Part 1, 2 and 3!!! ***FINAL UPDATE***

I will be at this year's Toy Fair 2015 (Feb. 14th - 17th) in New York City's Jacob Javits Center doing my annual live sculpt demo at the Creative Factor booth. I will be giving away some promotional Tuttz relief cat head Sparkly magnets and a few of the out of production Series 2 Monster Magnets at my table (one per person and only a few will be released each day of the show). I hope to see some of you there so come by and talk shop and maybe I'll let you work on my sculptures with me...maybe...
NOTE: If you want to see my pictures inside of Toy Fair this year you can see them updated here every day on my Twitter ( image feed ->

***Last Update***  Day 4 starts here -
Toy Fair 2015 is a wrap and here are a few pics of the sculpt I worked on for the live demo I did for the Creative Factor booth. It was a generic alien done in a new Monster Clay material I had never used before. A lot of people that stopped by the booth and asked what I thought of that particular clay so I'll give a little review about it below the pictures.

 Monster Clay review:
Pros - This clay is very good for quick build ups and it doesn't stick to your tools or your hands but sticks to itself easily. It's like the Chavant clays I've used before but this feels a little more waxier and is easy to warm up by kneading it with your fingers only. You can probably use a light bulb over a batch of it in a tray to keep it really soft for fast working but I was okay with using my fingers warm it up for application in small amounts. I also liked the dark reddish brown color the clay comes in which made it easy to see all the details and flawed areas across the entire figurine.
Cons - Even when the Monster Clay get's cool and firm it's still a bit soft and you can accidentally dent up your finished areas. Also if you hold it in your hands to long it will get warm and you can eventually mush or knock your shapes out of place. To do finished detail it may require some solvents to brush over areas to put a smoother finish on it if you are doing really small detailing. You may also have to break the sculpt into parts to really dig into the detail if you're a bit heavy handed like me.
Overall I did like it and will probably get more of it to practice in or do quick idea sketches in as I could always make a waste mold and recast the part in a harder toy wax which I usually finish most of my work in. Give it a try and I think you will like this clay too even if you're not a sculptor.

Big huge thanks to Brett Klisch of The Ceative Factor and the TIA for always inviting me down to Toy Fair. This was my 11th year doing the live sculpt demos and it has always been fun event.
Big huge thanks to everybody who stopped by the booth to say hi and talk shop. I hope you all found the sculpting live process as fun and entertaining as I did and maybe I'll see you all again next year.
Big huge thanks to The Compleat Sculptor for the Monster Clay samples they gave me on the house to try out.

**UPDATE #2**  Day 3 starts here -

 Casting my shadow on the toy show.

 Bird's eye view of our booth at the show.

The day 3 set up.

*UPDATE #1* Day 2 starts here -

 My live demo sculpt project is a weird looking alien.

GrandMa's House all new Tuttz Mini's making their debut. I'm still not sure how big this wave will be just yet.

Day 1 starts here -

 Toy Exclusive Pharaoh Hound Sparkly Mini's (only 3 were made for the show). * SOLD OUT*

I will be debuting the next line of all new Tuttz Mini's from the GrandMa's House wave and the next wave of Kings of Atlantis original sized clear tint skulls so keep an eye on this post for updated images from Toy Fair 2015 in the next 4 days!!!