Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Wrap Up - part 1 of 2!

Well another amazing comic con has come to an end and I always delay on the post because I like the fun buzz to hang around me for a few days. This year we had an incredible show featuring some awesome artists that came through big time! First off I'd like to thank the entire team that made show the best one ever - THANK YOU!!! ->
Artist Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire! It's always a smart decision to share the booth with Selina at the con because she's just a non-stop ball of energy that people love to come to see and get new art and collectibles from. She was the glue that held the whole thing together and backed me up big time when I needed it. Cheers lady!!!
Guest artist Laura Alvarez! Laura got all of her projects done on time, put the hours in at the shop working on customs non stop and made sure everything was perfect for her first featured showing at the comic con. She did live painting at the booth on the Tuttz, Hound and Sucio mouse customs, did sketches for fans that stopped by and worked the booth like a seasoned pro. Salud!!!
I also want to thank artists Angella Powell for her Beatnik Mini's (which sold out at the show) and sweater 8 inch Tuttz cats which all looked fantastic.
Artist Clinton Yaws is always on time and his work has always been inspiring, exciting, razor sharp and top notch, every single time.
Artist Megan MeSmithyman for her incredible 8 inch leather wrapped Tuttz cats done in a style none of us have ever seen before, original and amazingly detailed.
Artist Rich Page of  Ume Toys (who not only won the Best Resin category at this year's Designer Toy Awards) for coming by the booth and doing some live painting on a 8 inch Tuttz as a matching set to his own Dita resin cat. Cheers!!!
Artist Soko Cat for some uber fun and cool customs.
Thank you Deborah Montanez for taking the best comic con pictures for the entire team and for even covering Xmoor Studios for me as well. You totally rock!
Thank you -> Pete Michaud and Paul Ip for holding down the booth, helping out full blast and backing us all up big time. You guys rock! Also thanks to all the friends, fans and collectors who showed up and supported us making the show even more special. We were truly humbled.
We will be back next year if all goes well, but in the meantime here are a bunch photos by Deborah, with a few from me as well speckled in ->