Friday, July 11, 2014

All New Series 5 Sparkly Cats Blind Boxes! ***UPDATE 1***

The Tuttz Mini treasure hunt is upon us once again as Series 5 Sparkly Cats release tonight (Friday, July 11th) in blind box fashion! Starting NOW there will be three different styled custom wrapping paper designs for this all new bunch of Tuttz Mini cats - so if you missed out now is your chance to get finally one.

This will be a 50 piece release and will run for a few weeks with a new blind box showing up in the online STORE at random, any hour any day, any time. There will be some new styles in this group and as like in all the previous series there will be hidden glow in the dark cats throughout.

Make sure you put your Tuttz in the sunlight and see if you are one of the lucky collectors to get a chase cat. Also keep an eye on this blog post as I will drop images of what was in the blind boxes as collectors crack them open and post them online. Let's have some fun, good luck and let the treasure hunt begin!!!
Note: All other Sparkly and Party Cats Series have sold out!

Here's a teaser of what some of the hidden glow in the dark chase cats will look like.