Friday, February 28, 2014

Sparkly Mice release tonight at midnight!

Releasing tonight at 12 midnight Est. time in the online STORE will be the Series 1 Sucio Sparkly Mice. Sparkly Mouse Sucio made his debut at this year's Toy Fair NYC earlier this month and be released in a edition size of 10 pieces. There will be 5 glow in the dark chases hidden in the series so make sure if you grab one you put it under the light to see if you got one. Each mouse will be numbered and signed on there bottoms by artist/sculptor/creator Eric Nocella Diaz, and there is no limit per buyer.

There will also be some more Series 2 Sparkly Cats Tuttz Mini's headed to the online store in the following week as well since there are still 15 left to release in the Edition size of 25. If you wonder why I break up all the series instead of just doing one big drop, it's because I can focus on each individual resin piece and put a little extra effort in making it as special as possible for the collectors. It's also less wear and tear in the long run to get all the work done properly and not wind up over exhausting myself and eventually put out more work. Eventually there won't be any more crazy releases and I will just announce when new items are added to the online store.