Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 New Years Hunt Starts NOW!

Due to the success of this year's annual Christmas Holiday Hunt (sold out) gift wrapped blind boxes and a lot of folks being mad at me because they couldn't get one - the 2013 New Years Hunt will start right NOW!
The plan was to start it a little sooner but my air compressor broke down pretty bad and I had to raise some emergency funds with a few quick sales to get a brand new one (THANK YOU ALL!!!) Having such a dang cool collector base who came through big time I was able to get back up to speed. The new gift wrapped blind boxed series will be a edition of 25 resin Tuttz Mini's similar to what was released in the earlier Holiday Hunt and I will do my best to make them all special. The wave will drop at random hours and will consist of all clear tints and some will also be glow in the dark (GID) chases and the price will stay the same - $40 each shipped in the US (all overseas orders will be emailed directly for proper shipping costs and methods for shipping).
Below is a teaser sample of what to expect and what the New Years Hunt blind boxed gift wrapping will look like. Since I am behind schedule I will try my best to drop a few random blind boxes every day and the release will go past New Years - so GOOD LUCK and Happy Hunting!!!