Friday, September 20, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 - Artist Line Up! ***UPDATED - x2!***

The theme for the New York Comic Con this year is Argonaut Resins and friends and the booth # for the comic con is #325
in The Block section and I will sharing the table with artist Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire - Oct. 10th - 13th.
I will have a ton of customs by some fantastic artists showing up in this super big ongoing post here so be sure to check back regularly all the way up to the start of the comic con. So - who's work will be featured at the Argo booth, scroll down and let's get this party started! Artist lineup to date -> Clinton Yaws, Megan Smithyman, (?), (?)....(?)

Ladies and gentlemen - artist Megan Smithyman!
Megan has created some amazing 8 inch Tuttz customs covered in hand stitched up cycled leather called Idolz...I will have these uber cool customs up for grabs at the Argo booth #325 at the comic con. I have to say, all the artists that are contributing to the booth this year at the con have surely brought their "A" game and I am very excited about that and can't wait to show all these works of art off in the flesh!!!
Onyx, Mummy and Alabaster!

The all new Cracked Cats Tuttz Mini's will be exclusive to Suburban Vinyl at Booth # 208! This limited edition size of textured cats will be 12 pieces - 6 black, 4 red and 2 white and there will 3 glow in the dark clear tint chases mixed into the batch!

 Ladies and gentlemen - artist Clinton Yaws!
Clinton has created a series of 8 inch Tuttz customs of Egyptian Gods, original hand painted mini canvasses and custom designed boxes! First up is the Egyptian God Isis! These three incredible customs will be up for sale at booth #325, Oct. 10th - 13th!

Next up is the Egyptian God Horus!

The Egyptian God Osiris!

Want to know what artist is next? Stay tuned...