Thursday, July 18, 2013

WIPs...sneaky peeky time behind the scenes!

I'm working on some more of the glow in the dark Tuttz Mini's that will be released with some of my Art Hustle AP Gold Stamped artist cards and they will be very limited in two styles since I don't have that many of them. Complete artist card sets (2 different signed versions) were included in all three of the sold out 8 inch Cursed Tuttz customs collabo with Small Angry Monster. There's a good chance we may continue the Cursed line with a few more pieces and add a surprise or two...

There will also be a Series 3 of the Machines resins with will featured artist Small Angry Monster where we will debut some clear tint versions of the Tuttz and Pharaoh Hound Mini resins called Atlantis Machines. Here's the first one in progress below:

Also in progress are some red glow in the dark resins that I've playing around with...(wonder what color they will glow?) Hmmm...stay tuned!

Last but not least - I'm sending out a few DIY (do it yourself) blank trifecta resin sets to select artists to work their custom magic on.

Check the online STORE every now and then as you may find a surprise lurking in there...just saying. Could there be another Hunt coming on? Maybe.