Thursday, August 2, 2012

Splatter Cats revealed...

Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire has completed her custom 8 inch Tuttz project called Splatter Cats! 

This summer fun line features a bunch of all new fluorescent colors with Selina's signature splatter style as seen on her popular JellyBot collectible figurines. These 10 vivid custom Tuttz will go up for sale on Saturday August 4th at 6PM Est. time in Selina's online store HERE! 

Along with these Tuttz custom's Selina will be releasing some new zombiebots for those of you who missed out on all the other previous releases. These zombiebots are the all new JellyBot 2.0's with the articulated head and each will come with a one of a kind weapon accessory carved by me...:-)