Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini KOA's?

Maybe. I've been pretty busy lately trying to get many new projects under way with big plans to cruise into the upcoming NYC comic con coming up in October. A lot of collectors have been inquiring about the Kings Of Atlantis designer resin skulls that have sold out and it looks like they just may show up another size...I may even bring back the regular size for another small limited run in a all new color style - so stay tuned!

And on another note - I will be opening the online store tomorrow (Friday, July 20th at 3PM est. time) and will have some more Tuttz die-cut vinyl stickers with some all new signed original mini art pieces up for sale. This time you will be able to purchase the exact art you want and it will come with 4 different colored Tuttz stickers for $10 shipped. Featured in the art sets will be the Tuttz cat wearing his Halloween costume called Gato Muerto (Dead Cat). There is a good chance we will see a lot more the Gato Muerto design in other forms so hang tight and check back here for updates on that.

Kings Of Atlantis and all Tuttz artwork is copyright Eric Nocella Diaz / GoldMane Entertainment Inc.