Sunday, May 29, 2011

Been kinda busy but....

I'm still cranking away! Sorry for the lack of updates as I have other projects I can't really talk about other than Argo that I have in progress at the moment. The Pharaoh Hound has been delayed because of this but fear not - I have some regular sized Tuttz in progress and more JellyBots too. The Jelly Empire has some super big things coming up so stay tuned in the next few weeks as we build up the promotion for all of that. Series 3 Tuttz Mini's have almost sold out and I only have 2 more left of those to finish up and drop in the online store. Here's a little bit of what's coming up -

On another note - the Sedona Boutique (in my home Town of Hoboken NJ) where I sell some of the Tuttz at is moving to a bigger space (as we speak) and the owner Phil and his wife Daisy have offered me a small shelf in the new store to always keep some of my resins on. I'm very excited about this and am doing my best to get some new pieces ready for the day they'll have the store warming (you know like a house warming with wine and all that, yup!). They just put up a brand new awning so I have to go back over and take new pics as the new store is almost complete. The pics below are of the store in progress earlier this week.

As I get the final info on the new store opening and new address I will post everything here for those who want to swing by for the opening.