Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More New York Comic Con Exclusive goodies...

First up - I'll be previewing a few of the Kings of Atlantis (in it's full packaging) at the Big Kev's Geekstuff table on Sat. Oct 9th. If you want get the jump on what it's all about you'll have to come to the table at the comic con and read the back of the box...This will be a fun limited Halloween release this year commemorating Argonaut Resins 2 year anniversary.

Remember all those surprises I kept talking about that I had lined up for the NYC Con...? Well here's another one featuring the "win a free OG Tuttz" art contest winner AND Tuttz Tshirt artist RICH PAGE! The full reveal will drop online at Jamie's online spot - Kollectible Kulture right before comic con so BE THERE!!!

Oh...and there will be even more surprises for the NYC con...stay tuned!!!