Friday, January 16, 2009

How we do it - Part # 1, sculpting the toy prototype...

Welcome to part one of how we do it here at Argonaut Resins - I'm going to post some behind the scenes images and talk about how I produce designer resin toys. Jared Deal, Robbie Busch and myself have been getting a lot of questions on how all of this is done so I thought I'd shed a little light on how we make it happen. I've already said the why in my interview ( with Andy Heng over at the infamous and uber popular blog ToysRevil and teased you with some in progress shots over at another heavyweight blogsite - Toycyte (Robbie's ineterview with big dog Jeremy Brautman -

First up is the work in progress (WIP) shots of the EL DIABLO designer toy from wires to finished sculpt. I used aluminum wires, foil, plumbers putty and Super Sculpey. The foil filler is to keep from wasting all my clay on a big figure and keep the overall weight down on the prototype. The plumbers putty is for strength since the feet and ankles will have the most stress as I build the figure up and handle the piece. I use a hard/brittle toy wax called Azbro for the overall finish - it polishes great and holds optimal detail. Questions??? Email me.

Keep an eye on the blog for more pictures of behind the scenes. Part # 2 real soon!